Towns Near Barcelona On The Coast?

Best towns to visit near Barcelona city

  • Sitges. Sitges is a gorgeous town located in the Mediterranean coast (38 km from Barcelona) that belongs to the region of “El Garraf”.
  • Besalú
  • Sant Pol de Mar.
  • Figueres.
  • Cadaqués.
  • Ripollet.
  • Where are the best beaches in Barcelona?

    M ost visitors to Barcelona know its urban beaches, but outside the capital is where you’ll really experience all the Catalan coast has to offer. Brimming with charming seaside towns and spectacular Blue Flag beaches, this stretch of the Mediterranean runs for some 360 miles, from the French border down to the Ebro Delta in the south.

    Where are the most beautiful seaside towns in Catalunya?

    Read on to discover the most beautiful seaside towns in Catalunya and start planning your next trip today. Cadaqués is a charming coastal town that has often attracted great artists, including Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. It’s a popular weekend getaway for Barcelona residents, as it’s under three hours from the Catalan capital.

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    Where to go for a day trip from Barcelona?

    Sitges is one of the best coastal beach locations near Barcelona and a great place to go for a day trip from Barcelona, even if you need to use public transportation.

    Which coast is near Barcelona?

    The coast, which stretches from about 40 kilometres north of Barcelona and to the French border, is called Costa Brava, or the brave coast. The most important city in this area is Girona with slightly less than 100.000 inhabitants, which also has an international school (St.

    Are there good beaches near Barcelona?

    Barcelona even boasts a manmade beach and three pools bordered by concrete in the heart of the city. Whether beachgoers hope to bask under the Mediterranean rays, play a game of volleyball, or enjoy fresh tapas on the sand, there’s no end of fun to be had on Barcelona’s best beaches.

    Where is the best coastal town to live in Spain?

    Our Top 10 Best Places to Live in Spain Near the Sea

  • Marbella, Costa Del Sol.
  • Palma, Mallorca.
  • Portals Nous, Mallorca.
  • Puerto Andratx, Mallorca.
  • Puerto Banús, Costa del Sol.
  • San Antonio, Ibiza.
  • Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.
  • Sierra Blanca, Marbella.
  • What areas are near Barcelona?

    The 9 Best Neighborhoods in Barcelona for Tourists

    1. Barri Gòtic. If you’re looking to stay in the heart of Barcelona, you can’t get more central than the medieval Barri Gòtic – the city’s historical heart.
    2. El Raval.
    3. El Born.
    4. Eixample.
    5. Montjuïc.
    6. Gràcia.
    7. Barceloneta.
    8. Poble Sec.

    How far is Barcelona from the coast?

    Barceloneta is probably the closest beach to the city and the easiest way to get to this beach is by catching the yellow line metro. Walking from the city takes about 20 minutes. Barceloneta is a wide long beach full of restaurants, which are mostly American style and bars.

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    Is Salou near Barcelona?

    Salou is a popular family beach destination which is 68.61 Miles (110 km) South West of Barcelona and 11km south of Tarragona.

    How far is the beach from Centre of Barcelona?

    There are 4.2 km of golden sandy beaches only 10 minutes from the city centre and 4 main beach areas.

    Is Barcelona on the coast of Spain?

    Barcelona is cradled in the North Eastern Mediterranean coast of mainland Spain, about 2 hours drive South from the French Pyrenees. It’s the capital of Catalunya, a region of Northern Spain that has its own unique culture, traditions and personality.

    What is the best beach in Barcelona?

    Best Barcelona beaches

    1. Barceloneta Beach. Barceloneta is the city’s most famous (and traditional) beach.
    2. Llevant Beach.
    3. Sant Sebastià Beach.
    4. Mar Bella Beach.
    5. Nova Mar Bella Beach.
    6. Bogatell Beach.
    7. Nova Icària Beach.
    8. Zona de Banys del Fòrum.

    Where do most Brits live in Spain?

    The coastal Region of Valencia was Britain’s second favorite autonomous community that year, with more than 85,000 residents originally from the United Kingdom. The also coastal Andalusia ranked first, with around 88,230 British residents making this southern area their homes in 2021.

    Which city in Spain has the best beaches?


  • No surprise that Catalonian capital Barcelona tops this list – it’s one of the most-loved beach cities in Europe.
  • Barcelona boasts over 4.5km of golden sands.
  • Where is the best place for expats to live in Spain?

    Barcelona is the best place to live in Spain

    Barcelona is one of the safest cities in the world that also offers gorgeous weather, delicious Catalan cuisine, plenty of art museums, a buzzing nightlife, outdoor spaces for workouts, and a thriving expat community.

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    How many towns are in Barcelona?

    Breaking discovery! Moreover, here at Barcelona-Home we have found not one, not two, but six cities/towns/villages named Barcelona. After a conclusive study of all six Barcelonas, the Spanish city of Barcelona takes the cake for the most captivating city. Come and further see it for yourself!

    Is Sabadell a good place to live?

    Sabadell is a municipality belonging to the outskirts of Barcelona. It currently offers plenty of advantages to those who are committed to living there. Located just 30 minutes from Barcelona, ​​it is an excellent alternative for those who prefer tranquility over hustle and bustle of a big city.

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